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If you live in the US and the idea of ordering a bag from a site outside the country makes you a bit nervous, I can’t blame you. Best wholesale handbags are already expensive, and figuring out how a retailer deals with duties, international shipping and foreign purchase fees when you’re not well-versed in the rules can be a little bit daunting; discount handbags wholesale,no one wants to accidentally spend hundreds of dollars more than they expected if it’s not necessary. Because some of our favorite online retailers are in other countries, though, we did some digging in order to demystify the process.

International shopping has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Almost all luxury retailers include a bag’s import duties (which are what a buyer would owe to US Customs for importing a product into the US) in the prices listed on their website, and almost all of them do it without charging you more for the bag than you’d pay in the US handbags wholesalers. Many also offer free or very affordable shipping and returns, which help make the whole thing feel like you’re ordering from a company handbags wholesalers a few states away instead of on the other side of the globe. If you got burned buying a bag from an international retailer a few years ago, whatever problem you had is much less likely to happen today.

As for foreign purchase fees, it all depends on the credit card you use with your order–that’s not something retailers set. Most cards have a fee of around 3%, but there are cards available handbags wholesalers that won’t ding you at all–it depends on the specific terms and conditions of your account, and contacting your bank for more info is your best course of action.handbags wholesale prices are lowest.

Foreign purchase fee aside, we’ve assembled the official shipping, returns and duty policies of the Internet’s largest US-friendly handbags wholesalers international retailers below. If we’ve missed your favorite, please let us know!